Customized Cosmetic Packaging Service in China

Cosmetics packaging

Discover Your Perfect Cosmetics Packaging Solution!

We offer all kinds of cosmetics packaging for skincare, haircare, make-up and fragrance (incl. home fragrances), in all materials (glass, plastic, aluminum, wood, bamboo, PCR, Ocean Bound Plastic…), sizes and shapes as well as printed packaging at very competitive prices vs Europe.

We also supply all kinds of accessories (gifts, vanity cases…).

We can provide lotion bottles, serum bottles, airless and regular packaging, glass and plastic jars, 2-layers and 5-layers tubes, perfume atomizers and bottles, make-up containers for blush, foundation, mascara, lip care, haircare, vanity pouches, gifts and accessories (air cushions, mirrors…) and of course all of your paper and fabric printed  packaging needs. 

Elevate your brand with our extensive range of cosmetics packaging, tailored for skincare, haircare, makeup, and fragrances, including home fragrances. We offer a diverse selection of materials such as glass, plastic, aluminum, wood, bamboo, PCR, and Ocean Bound Plastic, ensuring versatility to suit your brand’s ethos.

We provide all types of cosmetics packaging boasting various sizes, shapes, and customizable printing options, all at highly competitive prices compared to Europe.

But that’s not all! We also provide a wide array of accessories, from gifts to vanity cases, to complement your packaging needs seamlessly.

From lotion and serum bottles to airless and regular packaging, glass and plastic jars, multi-layered tubes, perfume atomizers, and makeup containers for blush, foundation, mascara, and lip care, we’ve got you covered. Plus, indulge in our selection of vanity pouches, gifts, and accessories like air cushions and mirrors.

For all your paper and fabric printing requirements, trust us to deliver exceptional quality and style.

Let us be your partner in packaging perfection – discover the possibilities with us today! 


Closure Systems For Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics & Food Industry

We supply many clients including the world leader in pharmaceutical and F&B disinfecting products. Whatever your requirements, we have the right quality for you!

We can provide with all kinds of containers, closures & delivery systems: screw caps, flip caps, security caps, foam pumps, regular pumps, spray / mist pumps, long nozzle pumps, trigger sprayers, lotion pumps.

white-pump-soap-bottle-table 1

Automatic & Manual Dispensers

We supply many different types of dispensers for hospitals, hotels, restaurants and corporate businesses such as liquid manual or automatic sensor dispenser, perfume/fragrance dispensers, tissue dispensers, hand dryers…
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