Company Profile


Experts in sourcing, products development and purchasing, we have been helping companies in China for over 10 years and we provide the customers an unparalleled level of service, reactivity and competitiveness.

We are committed to being the ideal partner between the European market and the Chinese one. Our French-Chinese team makes use of everything in order to reply to your purchase projects in China. Thanks to our professional skills, qualities and also with our knowledge about the foreign market, we work in collaboration with the best professional Chinese manufacturers and suppliers with the intention of guaranteeing an undeniable quality at the lowest price.

Problems met by companies purchasing in China are NOT inevitable. You only need find a serious and experienced partner who will protect your interests locally. We make strict and complete QC on every shipment to avoid costly defects by ensuring the products meet the specifications and quality standards. We are also opened to becoming your purchasing office in China if such is your STRATEGY.