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Composite structure filter

Composite structure filter (CSF) is made from specific natural nonmetal. It has three characters-submicron filter structure, extended-spectrum absorbing structure and static absorbing structure.

Submicron Filter Structure: With hollow size up to 0.4um, CSF can filtrate bacteria in water.Extended-spectrum absorbing structure: it can absorb pesticide, weedicide, industrial solvent and other chemical pollutants together with all kinds of odor such as chlorine etc.Static Absorbing Structure:it can absorb some very fine particulates that can go through normal filter. 

CSF advantages:High precision filtration: CSF has high precision filtration ability to filtrate bacteria, organic pollutant, outgrowth of sterilization, heavy metal etc.CSF has selective absorbing ability, it only absorbs pollutant and remains microelement & mineral. It is made from natural mineral material which can also release many healthy microelement.Good taste purified water: CSF can also absorb color, odor and revivify clean and sweet water even in high rigidity area.Safety ensured: CSF is made from natural mineral materials and not any iodine, chlorine, silver etc bactericaide used. There is no risk of second pollutant. CSF is a pure physical filtration filter. 

Main technical data:Hollow size: 0.1-50um; Hollow rate: 40-60%;Anti-draught intensity: >4.0 Mpa;Anti-strike intensity: >4.5 Mpa;Max. temperature: >100;Filtration efficiency: >1 umMax. flow rate: 8L/min